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Doctor Fun is over.

Dave Farely drew and published the 520th week of Doctor Fun back on June 9th, 2006. I've fiddled around with ideas to restart the mailing list, but honestly Doctor Fun is in the past. One cannot live in the past. Its time for me to move on.

So I leave you with the rest of the site, as it stood on June 9th. I'm going to leave the mailing list up to announce if Dave starts up another cartoon.

So you love Doctor Fun Logo but your too forgetful to remember to go the the webpage bi-weekly or so to check it? So what is should you do? Subscribe to the Doctor Fun Logo Mailing list!

Every day a nifty little program runs at 3 AM in the heart of New York City on's server checks the Doctor Fun Logo, and if its updated it sends out a copy of the cartoon to you as in an email as a MIME attachment. (Don't worry if the MIME part confuses you, your email program probably supports it already.) It isn't overly independent though, its codependent on Yahoo! Groups to get the cartoon out to you.

But are you worried that the Doctor Fun Logo Mailing list has made a sweetheart deal to sell your email address? No Fear! Your email address will only be accessible to Yahoo! and Nicholas Barnard. Nicholas Barnard will not release your email address to anyone, and he will not send advertisements to the list. Although advertisements may be appended to some emails but they will never be sent alone. (Hey the bills gotta be paid!) Yahoo! Groups has a similar policy.

Oh, and don't forget to subscribe to the Doctor Fun Cartoon Mailing List!

The Official home of Doctor Fun is at ibiblio, at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill.

To subscribe to the musings of this wonderful little program (not to mention the always funny Doctor Fun Logo), just enter your your email address in the form below or if your web form phobic you can also just send an email to
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