June 22, 2004


Ok, after much work (mostly Nick's), I'm now able to get back into my ejournal. (YAY!) And what better thing to write about than that most heavenly libation, coffee? Nick's gonna scream at me when he finds out he went through all that trouble so I could write about coffee, but then again, he knows me.
The thing is, I love coffee and I haven't been able to have much of it lately- for about 3 months up until a week and a half ago, to be specific. So, since I'm on an enforced 3 months of non-pregnancy, I'm back to my nightly ritual of a pot of coffee before bed. I was sitting here tonight (this morning? It was right around midnight, so who cares?) enjoying my second cup, and it really hit me what a sensual sensory experience coffee is. A truely well prepared cup of coffee is like sex for the taste buds; pure water, premium coffee beans and a thick, rich cream combining into a cup full of bliss. Everything about it is designed for pleasure. Start as the mug gets close to your lips: just inhale. That rich scent, like nothing else, edible or not. Bring the mug closer and sip. The creamy, silken texture, the full body, the bold smoothness of it. And as you swallow, the warmth that flows down your throat and into your stomach, at the same time relaxing and energizing you. There is very little that can compare to a perfect cup of coffee.

Posted by Jenn at June 22, 2004 02:15 AM

Hmm.. No screaming as long as you redact that "mostly" Nick's work.. What did you do?!?!?!?


- I tried every concievable password and finally figured it out, that's what:-D

Posted by: Nick at June 22, 2004 02:29 PM