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Blog vs. eJournal

by Nicholas Barnard on March 5th, 2003

When I first set this eJournal up I had a small argument with Shawn as to what to name this. I insisted on calling it an eJournal and he insisted on calling it a blog.

This blog concept interested me a bunch so like any good college student I went to the library to find stuff to read. I came up with We’ve got blog a collection of articles and blog entries published on the net concerning blogging…

This is an eJournal – and not a blog – I’m definitive about that now. One of the recurring themes in the book is that links are the driving force of blogs (hence why its derived from the older geek speak web log. i.e. the log of where I’ve been on the web.) My eJournal, while containing links is not driven by them. My comments are not subservient to the link, the links are subservient to my comments. Therein defines the difference between weblogs and eJournals – whether the links or the comments are subservient. If the comments are subservient to the links its a weblog, if the links are subservient to the comments its an eJournal.

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