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Canada: More Notes

by Nicholas Barnard on November 8th, 2004

  • Starbucks still tastes just as good. Plus you get to impress the baristas with something they’ve never seen before, my Duetto Card.
  • Canadians do say “eh?” Its not some messed up american joke about our northern neighbors. No they don’t say it as much as we think, but they do. Eh, it makes the language more interesting.
  • All the signage is similar to the signage in the US, except you have French instead of Spanish.
  • Milk comes in a bag. While I’m not sure for the exact reason for this, I assume it has something to do with that a bag ends up being cheaper and more environmentally friendly.
  • I still despise malls, even Canadian ones.
  • This exchange rate thingy distorts my sense of value. I’m currently getting the Canadian dollar for about .80 US cents. So Starbucks Coffee seems even more expensive here. Also, seeing a gas price of C$.77, while on first glance seems really cheap (especially to an american used to gas for US$2.00), is for 1l per Canadian dollar. So it translates into C$2.91 per US Gal or about US$2.33.)

Notes about America:

  • GM’s headquarters — well it makes me think that their executives are insecure about something, either their market position or their penis (or vagina) size. Its the tallest set of building on the whole skyline of the area. Its not just one tower, but a collection of no less than five.
  • US Post Office has a knack for wasting money on useless things. There is a rather large, four story or so building directly on the Detroit River. It appears to be a sorting/processing facility. The building has a large sign that states “United States Post Office” that faces the river, the sign is large enough and mounted high enough that nobody on the US side can read it, it is only for the consumption of boats on the river and people on the Canadian side of the border. Glad to know the USPS is being fiscally responsible. (In their defense, the sign appears to be c1975.)

Other Notes:

  • Forgetting to bring a coat to Canada in November is a pain in the ass. Err, to be more accurate is a recipe for Nick ice cube.
  • Typing on your laptop sitting by the Detroit River at 5:07 pm on a day in November, is a formula for frozen hands and a really really slow typing, with a high error rate.

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