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Magical flight

by Nicholas Barnard on November 12th, 2004

I admit it. I’m a kid when it comes to flying. I can still look at planes and tell you what type they are (sometimes even down to the sub-model (e.g. a 737-200 vs a 737 in general.)

We just took off and surpassed 10 minute ban on using laptops and other electronic devices. I think I had the same expression and feeling of awe at taking off as I probably did when I was seven. Its an amazing magical gift to be able to fly. Just over 100 years ago powered flight was the fringe technology of inventors and visionaries. Now people get frustrated when everything does not go as planned. At the magical moment of rotation (the point during takeoff where the nose leaves the ground and the plane is no longer supported by its wheels but instead supported by the amazing imbalance of air pressure between the top and bottom of the wings) I looked around at my fellow passengers, and all of them that I could see were unaware of the magical physics of flight that we were partaking of. They were in a zone of uninterested complacency, unaware of the magic of physics that was occurring around them.

Stop, take a moment to stop and relish in the little magical and amazing things around us. If this week has taught me anything, its that while I feel good when I’m a busy beaver and productive and getting lots of things done, I miss stopping and people watching. (Although people watching is dually helpful for and horribly non-conducive to novel writing)

From 20,000 or so feet, suspended by the magic of air rushing over two metal branches, I give you my two cents on smelling the ros… err the magic around us.

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