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Someone tried to kill me.

by Nicholas Barnard on January 30th, 2005

Someone probably tried to kill me tonight. I’m stuck on this thought at the moment.

I was driving home from Dayton on I-75 around 2:30 AM or so when I got into a protracted fight on the road with another car.

After a series of repeated on the road altercations I refused to continue on with the road fight and pulled over expecting the other driver to continue on, as I figured he wasn’t going for something else, just a piss off fight on the road.

Instead he stopped in the right lane and got out of his car. Upon seeing this I accelerated and left the scene, nearly missing hitting him with my car. As I was doing this my back window was struck and shattered.

Our on the road altercation continued for another few moments at which point he pulled off on exit 29.

Initially I focused on the facts, but trying to sleep I’ve come to my conclusions on the man’s intention: to kill me.

I figure at some point initially it was just an on the road tiff until he noticed my bumper-stickers. (For the record I have a total of six, artfully arranged. I have two John Kerry stickers in either lower corner of the bumper, in the middle of the bumper I have an HRC equal symbol sticker, in the center of the rear, above the license plate I have a rainbow pride squiggly, and in the window I have a white Apple computer logo in either lower corner.

So this leads me to three possibilities:

  1. The man is a die hard George W. Bush supporter. (This makes no sense as GWB won the election.)
  2. The man is a die hard Microsoft Windows user and was incensed that he was sharing the road with an Apple user. (For the record I also begrudgingly use Windows at work.) (This also makes no sense, if you’re attempting to take out Mac users I recommend a Macworld Expo, or at the very least your local Apple store.)
  3. The man is violently homophobic.

I believe number three is the closest to the truth. It makes no sense for him to get out of the car to talk. I believe he did not have a gun as it would’ve been more advantageous to just shoot me when he got out of his car. Also I have not found a bullet and there is no broken glass for the bullet to have exited my car.

I believe he had a knife or other sharp object. The officer suggested that he broke the glass with his hand, but that seems unlikely as I have pounded on that glass myself without breaking it. (I was removing ice.) Additionally he would have had to applied additional force because my car was moving away from him, meaning that any force he applied would have been mitigated by my car’s forward motion.

The only logical conclusion is that the man grabbed a knife to kill me, after failing to run me off the road. When I accelerated, he used it to break my windshield. After this he followed me again and gave up the issue after he noted I was on my cell phone.

The bumper stickers will not come off my car. I will get another set of Apple stickers. I will not remove the pride stickers. I will not remove my John Kerry stickers. I will not change my daily life as a result of this incident.

I will not be a victim.

I choose to feel safe.

I choose to be proud of who I am, in all my different aspects.

I choose to display that I am proud of who I am.

I choose to tell the truth irregardless if it hurts me in the long run.

I choose to be respectful towards those who have attempted to hurt me.

I choose to only use deadly force if and only if my life is immediately threatened.

I choose to never allow anyone, to cause me to deny that I have the ability to choose, irregardless of the situation.

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