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by Nicholas Barnard on March 6th, 2007


I need to take better care of myself. I’ve sort of been getting pushed around a bit lately and I need to take some me time. (Thats up tomorrow. ;-)

I’m a little frustrated with work, it seems people are too much about just doing enough to get by, and not about getting it right.

I wrote an interesting entry over on Lets Throw Money Into the Market (Intelligently) on Patiently Wrapping the Portfolio Up, yeah its a bit of procrastination, but I’ve finally written the entry about three months after I sold my stocks off..

I’ve also been thinking about how to present my move out here in interviews. And well I’ve been thinking about interviewing in general. I need to work at it and refine my verbal descriptions of my experiences in advance instead of trying to do synthesize at the moment. I’ve done a fair deal of moderately complex work that needs to be explained carefully.


Taking a nap in the middle of the day is wierd. (Yes mom, I’ll call you soon, I was napping when you called… ;-)

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