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Picking up Vlogging

by Nicholas Barnard on November 9th, 2013

So I put this video up on YouTube earlier today:

I had written off Vlogging as “too much work”, “not worth the time”, and “that new fangled thing that the youngin whippersnappers are doing”. (Hey, I’m old enough that there are folks I can call youngin whippersnappers.)

So what prodded me out of my obstinance? Well, I had a reason to do this video. Initially, I thought this’d be a huge pain. However, I found this to be enjoyable. Vlogging, is something I’d definitely do again, although I’m not sure I’d do it in the same way. This video twas a bit insane since I wanted to cover a lot of things. To get them all to stitch together in a non-schizophrenic way, I made a concept map of the things I wanted to cover, then wrote myself a script, that I more or less stuck to. (There twas some ad libbing, and some shots that got left on the proverbial cutting room floor.)

I also did a bit of foley work, because cats will not meow on cue.

Finally, thank you to Mickeleh, a/k/a Michael Markman, for pointing me toward, celtx, a handy dandy script writing tool, and to retius, a/k/a Tad Suiter, for a video about Vlogging he did long, long ago that still stuck in my head.

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