February 02, 2005

Further Support of Geriatricide

OK, so Iím sitting in the Wilmington Pike Meijer parking lot waiting for Tom to come help me with his broken car (donít ask me- some lights came on, it overheated and the power steering died), and this seems a good time to vent about old people, Specifically the rude S.O.B. who stole my parking spot. Actually, I think it was the same ass who did it before, but Iím not 100%.
Anywhose, I had just turned down the row in the Kroger parking lot (donít even get me started on why the hell I had to work on a wednesday) when a guy in an SUV started to back up. I stopped and put on my turn signal, and the guy began backing out. He was halfway out of the spot when an old guy (late 60ís to mid 70ís) pulled up behind him facing me. As soon as the SUV was clear of the spot, the geezer whipped in. As he was doing so, I honked the horn at him and pointed that I had my turn signal on and had been waiting for the space. He flipped me off. Hmm, pissing off a pregnant lady (oh, btw, found that out last week)Ö Not a good thing to do in a convertible POS, but I donít carry a pocket knife anymore and the paint didnít look like it would notice any more scratches. Besides, Iíd rather not lower myself to that level.
Last time, it was the ass pulling through a space as I was trying to pull into it. Finally I got fed up and found a closer spot after circling again. This time, no such luck. I had to park in the boonies and lug my ladder and heavy box oí crap all the way into the store. Annoying job. As I was telling Nick, I need to be a writer full time, because Iíve gotten to where I hate people. Especially old people who think that because theyíre not dead yet, they should get whatever they want. (Well, anyone with that attitude pisses me off, I just see it more in old geezers.) The good thing? Odds are heíll die long before I do.

*Note, I do not use the word ďelderlyĒ. Elderly implies a respect that the deluded undead I bitch about have in no way earned.

Posted by Jenn at February 2, 2005 09:52 PM