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Nick's Place

Nick's Place: GLBT Theory and Issues: Origins of this Section

Frankly this page was created to satisfy the requirements of my Introduction to Lesbian and Gay Studies class that I took at Purchase College.  What is more interesting is why I chose a web page over writing an essay, video, a piece of fiction, or a performance.  To address my reasons, I must give you a crash course on the historical content of the World Wide Web.

When HTML (HyperText Markup Language) and the HTTP (HyperText Transport Protocol) came into fruition it was the birth of the web as we know it. (Technically the web encompasses the older gopher and ftp (file transport protocol) but HTML and HTTP is the most common incarnation of it.) The first instinct was to harness the multimedia capabilities, and place as much content as possible on your personal pages. My personal page was first established in 1995 and eventually consisted of about 20 megabytes of sound files, images, movie scripts, and digital video files. The only thing that was really personal about my home page was a small image of myself that I placed at the bottom of every page.

At some point (I forget, but I'm guessing 1996 or 1997) I deleted my whole home page and placed it under construction. My goal was to make it a page About Me, and my interests and views. Since then two to three years have passed and my home page is a bit nonexistent, the Lesbian and Gay Studies project seemed like an excellent vehicle to force myself to create some content. So here it is, some content and views from me, about what I know and have learned.