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March 31, 2003


Camram an interesting way to deter Spam, I'm not quite sure I fully understand it, but I get the basic ideas.. lets hope it works...

Posted by nickb at 12:44 AM

April 02, 2003

Bush's craziness

Offensive Interference How war distracts from outlandish Bush policies -- Here's a different idea for why Bush is fighting the war -- not for Oil, but so he can actually do something.

Posted by nickb at 05:00 PM

April 08, 2003

Number Bases

Number Bases Lesson - I've was playing around with a way to store numbers in a more compact but still ASCII format, and it just dawned on me! Base 62 (26 letters * 2 cases = 52 + 10 digits) was what I needed. I looked for functions around, but none of them are good. My function will be posted soon, (it was insanely easy to write) but for now here is the page I found to be the most help.

Posted by nickb at 08:57 AM

Libera Manifesto

The Libera Manifesto -- From all of us who are free net service providers.

Posted by nickb at 04:19 PM

April 13, 2003

I'll let this speak for itself

Hold the Phone, It's a Sex Toy

Posted by nickb at 02:54 PM

April 18, 2003


Okay, its not exactly new but I just stumbled upon it. They're everywhere and ubiquitous, but here's a database of them. What are they? UPCs.... Go to the UPC Database

Posted by nickb at 04:28 PM

May 04, 2003

I wonder if a gay male household needs this....

Wee Winkle Tinkle.....

Posted by nickb at 01:47 AM

May 10, 2003

Shakespearian Monkeys?

Shakespeare was unique - I'm surprised someone tried it.

Posted by nickb at 12:18 PM

May 24, 2003

We're small

We've got the Earth, Moon, and Jupiter, as Seen From Mars. The Earth is at the top, just that little speck of blue, that I at first thought was a problem with my computer monitor.

You know, in some extra terrestrial's version of things we are just a speck of dust that is getting annoying on their telescope.

Posted by nickb at 04:42 PM

May 27, 2003

Matrix OS

An awesome eJournal entry on the origins of The Matrix

Posted by nickb at 03:43 AM

June 03, 2003

Natural Food?

Why McDonald's Fries Taste So Good -- its an interestring look into what makes food taste the way it tastes.

Posted by nickb at 05:22 PM

June 12, 2003

An invitation

Tommy read The Invitation to me over the phone last night. Its quite thought provoking. More thoughts about it later somewhere else.

Posted by nickb at 05:56 PM

June 13, 2003


I gotta give the BBC Credit for some creative image selection.

Posted by nickb at 11:47 AM

July 05, 2003

July 4th

The most patriotic July 4th tribute I've seen recently.

Posted by nickb at 09:22 PM

August 04, 2003

Flash Mobbing

This sounds like fun. I'd like to try it..

Posted by nickb at 09:28 AM


Somehow I got looking at the antique vibrator museum at Good Vibrations... Its sortta interesting

Posted by nickb at 09:43 AM

August 05, 2003

XP sucks

Its things like this that drove me to Mac OS X

Posted by nickb at 04:40 AM | Read 2 Comments

August 08, 2003

More OS differences thoughts

An interesting comparison on people's attitudes towards OSs

Posted by nickb at 12:43 PM

Two More Links about MS's Crappiness

My quest to argue that Microsoft software is inferior continues:
  1. Poor design intentions on handhelds
  2. 30 Billion Blue Screens of Death per year (and you thought you were the only one...
Posted by nickb at 08:47 PM

August 20, 2003


Someone finally did it.. You can now play the Kevin Bacon game with your computer....

Posted by nickb at 01:32 PM

August 26, 2003


I like priorities, lets kill people and imprison people instead of educating them.

Posted by nickb at 03:44 AM

September 04, 2003


Ingenuity abounds even in the most uncommon places

Posted by nickb at 03:27 PM

October 21, 2003


This is the final entry here. I have closed the weblog and remade it as My Interesting Websites, which should be cleaner and easier to maintain and update.

Posted by nickb at 08:55 AM