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August 04, 2003

Flash Mobbing

This sounds like fun. I'd like to try it..

Posted by nickb at 09:28 AM


Somehow I got looking at the antique vibrator museum at Good Vibrations... Its sortta interesting

Posted by nickb at 09:43 AM

August 05, 2003

XP sucks

Its things like this that drove me to Mac OS X

Posted by nickb at 04:40 AM | Read 2 Comments

August 08, 2003

More OS differences thoughts

An interesting comparison on people's attitudes towards OSs

Posted by nickb at 12:43 PM

Two More Links about MS's Crappiness

My quest to argue that Microsoft software is inferior continues:
  1. Poor design intentions on handhelds
  2. 30 Billion Blue Screens of Death per year (and you thought you were the only one...
Posted by nickb at 08:47 PM

August 20, 2003


Someone finally did it.. You can now play the Kevin Bacon game with your computer....

Posted by nickb at 01:32 PM

August 26, 2003


I like priorities, lets kill people and imprison people instead of educating them.

Posted by nickb at 03:44 AM