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Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered, Queer, Questioning, and Allied Student Organization
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The People of Lambda Union

Executive Board

Jeremy Wright, President
Alicia Lane (aka Ali),Vice President
William Hines (aka Duncan), Treasurer
Cecelia Houser (aka Cece), Secretary
Thomas Lewis, Office Manager


Tonya Mathis, Student Life Adviser
Charles Long, Faculty Adviser

Appointed Positions

Sean Sandefer, Webmaster

Former Board Members, Appointed Position Holders, and Advisers

Molly Rice, President (Fall 2002)
Nicholas Barnard, Secretary (Fall 2002 to Winter 2003), Webmaster (Fall 2001 to Winter 2003)
Amanda Bennett, Treasurer (Fall 2000), President (Winter 2001 to Spring 2002)
Josh Philpot, Vice President (Fall 2000 to Spring 2002)
Amy Sues, Student Life Adviser (Fall 1998 to Spring 2002)
Michael Liles, Office Manager (Fall 2001), Secretary (Winter 2002)
Amy Balliett, Office Manager (Winter 2002)

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